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Time and again, we see geniuses play games of chance with Money with disastrous results. This leads to a loss of money, reputation, credibility, and opportunities. At the same time, we also get to witness simple and grounded personalities achieving stellar success in Compounding their Wealth.

This hints at a simple fact - Investing is more about Psychology than it is about Skills. It is a Mental Game First, only then the intellectual part comes in. However, it doesn’t always look that way.

In every Investing story you have heard, the main characters ain’t the players or the chips being used. It’s Greed, Fear, Discipline, Diligence, Patience, Overconfidence, Laziness, Trust, Integrity, Passion, Process, and Quality. No story, whether good or bad, is complete without these characters. And hence it becomes important to understand these before you start playing ‘The Great Money Game’.

‘Drops of Wisdom’ Newsletter is an effort to synthesize lessons learned from all kinds of Investors, observations across markets, and wisdom from varied sources. Every post will either provide you with real-life applications or it will make you think hard about the process you have set in place for Compounding your Wealth or Living a Healthier Lifespan.

It’s a step towards Mastering Yourself First. And if you do this part well, Financial Independence is almost a certainty.

Looking forward to having you join us on this journey…

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It's about the psychology, philosophy, mental models, and heuristics that make one's decision-making better, especially around health, money, and lifestyle.


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